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Rackmount Cases

ECS invented the 19" portable rackmount case in 1969 and has provided the leading rackmount solutions ever since. The first portable rackmount cases were FRP composite, and Custom FRP Rackmount Cases remain the ideal balance of rugged durability, sizing options and effective shock and vibration protection. Our Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases stack compatibly with our standard legacy line.

For those looking for something smaller, we also offer Loadmaster® Half Rack! The half rack offers the same ruggedized protection as our full-size rackmounts but is designed for smaller electronic equipment, radios, and storage drives.

Now our Loadmaster® Rackmount and Half Rack Cases offer the superior performance of the original Legacy Rackmount Case with added ergonomic enhancements, improved stacking features and standardized options with fast delivery.

Loadmaster® Rackmount and Half Rack Cases feature:

Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases are engineered for ruggedized performance and manufactured from durable TSC reinforced composite materials for maximum portable rackmount case protection. Rackmount operating containers are specifically designed to store and safely transport communication, information, and networking equipment. Rackmount case sizes are available from 3U-20U in rack height and front to back rack depths of 20", 24" and 30".

Loadmaster® Half Rack Cases are the toughest, lightest, most protective, portable military electronic enclosures for smaller equipment anywhere. They are extremely durable in any environment. The slide-out rack can be unlatched and removed from the outer case when the rack is empty or when it is filled with electronic equipment. Slide-out 9.5-inch racks allow unlimited access to electronic equipment during installation, integration, and maintenance.

ECS invented the 19" inch Rackmount in 1969, and we continue to set the standard. FRP Rackmount containers are designed for unique requirements. These cases are the ideal balance of rugged durability, sizing options and effective shock and vibration protection. Our FRP containers have an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio and the material is non-corrosive and typically non-conductive, which is ideal for communications and networking equipment.

ECS offers field replaceable handles and latches, as well as drawers, for our line of Rackmount containers.

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