Unlimited Possibilities

ECS specializes in custom packaging solutions for demanding and unique case requirements. No matter how complex the challenge, our engineering team will evaluate your specific shipping needs and develop a top-notch case solution tailored to your exact specifications.

Extreme sizes and complex case configurations can include platform, shock mount systems, cushion designs, and other engineered options. 

Custom cases may require the strength of reinforced composites like FRP, TSC, and Carbon Fiber materials. Many ruggedized applications require the impressive durability of rotationally molded products. Contact us for an engineered quote.

Custom FRP Transit Cases

Composite materials allow total design flexibility for military and industrial transit cases.

Custom FRP Rackmount

Designed for unique requirements, custom FRP Rackmount Cases are the ideal balance of rugged durability, sizing options and effective shock and vibration protection.

Custom TSC Transit Cases

TSC Composite cases are available in a number of standard sizes for military and industrial applications.

Carbon Fiber Transit Cases

Carbon fiber transit cases are ultra-light for weight-sensitive applications.