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The Number One Choice of the American Warfighter

ECS has been providing solutions to our United States Military for 64 years. We meet stringent military specifications so our cases provide unequaled protection for the soldier and their goods. In the foxhole, or in the barracks, our cases are battle tested to meet the harshest demands to help keep supplies and personal affects both safe and free from toxins. The number one choice of the American Warfighter since 1954.

Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases are engineered for ruggedized performance and manufactured from durable TSC reinforced composite materials for maximum portable rackmount case protection. Rackmount operating containers are specifically designed to store and safely transport communication, information, and networking equipment. Rackmount case sizes are available from 3U-20U in rack height and front to back rack depths of 20", 24" and 30".

Got tools? Got supplies? Working outside the office? You need not only a place for storage, but also a place to work. The answer? The Loadmaster® Drawer Case. Not only do these rugged cases provide storage for supplies, they also have a detachable table top where you can set up shop, no matter the terrain. Since 2008, the Drawer cases have been providing solutions for not only Military users, but also medical personnel and mechanics. These heavy-duty Drawer cases are the perfect solution for storing tools. The table top is sturdy enough to hold up to 200 pounds.

ECS invented the 19" inch Rackmount in 1969, and we continue to set the standard. FRP Rackmount containers are designed for unique requirements. These cases are the ideal balance of rugged durability, sizing options and effective shock and vibration protection. Our FRP containers have an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio and the material is non-corrosive and typically non-conductive, which is ideal for communications and networking equipment.

FRP composite cases are ideal for complex requirements. Composite materials allow total design flexibility for military and industrial transit cases.



Large scale composite fiberglass containers that can house very large pieces of equipment for storage and shipping.

Carbon fiber transit cases are ultra light for weight sensitive applications.

Our Loadmaster® LCD Cases not only provide superb protection for large screens, they also feature a specialized hydraulic system that allows for storage and lifting.

or more than 60 years, ECS has proudly served the American Warfighter. It has been our civic duty to supply the most protective containers on the market today to the United States Armed forces. In 2010, ECS developed something more personal for the men and women who serve. We listened to complaints about other footlockers and adhered to suggestions, needs, and wants, to create our own version of the footlocker. The Loadmaster® Footlocker not only met those stringent requirements set forth by our men and women serving, they also meet grueling MIL-STD held firm by the U.S. military. These footlockers are certainly not meant to sit at the foot of a bed, but they can! Hermetically sealed and watertight, these cases are also designed for adventure. Footlocker Cases are ideal for military and outdoor applications which require uncompromised protection from moisture, dust, sand and battlefield ontaminants. Water tight cases provide protection from moisture, salt spray, sand and dust throughout the world’s climate extremes. Each case has a water-proof gasket and an automatic air pressure relief valve. Impervious to fuels, oils and solvents, they can also be decontaminated if exposed to chemical warfare agents. The Footlockers also feature two heavy-duty reinforced removable trays for added storage.

Ruggedized reusable transit containers with modular stackability.

Loadmaster® Weapons Cases securely transport essential weapons and accessories.

ECS designs and fabricates a variety of foam cushion materials that are available for shock and vibration attenuation in reusable containers. These materials can be cut, formed and/or molded into an almost endless variety of configurations.

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