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The best choice for emergency response

ECS Case offers a wide range of emergency response cases for medical, fire, police, disaster relief, agencies (FBI, CIA, Etc..), pharmaceuticals, and non-emergency medical solutions. ECS Medical Drawer Cases have been the preferred choice of responders for rugged durability, lightweight design, and ease of deployment.

Ruggedized reusable transit containers with modular stackability.

Battle tested rotationally molded case with lightweight aluminum drawers.

Loadmaster® Medical Drawer Tote Cases keep medical supplies protected and ready for immediate use.

Loadmaster® Footlocker Cases come in six sizes with two removable storage trays for the organization of your gear.

Our Loadmaster® LCD Cases not only provide superb protection for large screens, they also feature a specialized hydraulic system that allows for storage and lifting.

ECS designs and fabricates a variety of foam cushion materials that are available for shock and vibration attenuation in reusable containers. These materials can be cut, formed and/or molded into an almost endless variety of configurations.

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