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Solutions for Military and Civilian Users

Solutions for military and civilian users.

Protecting your precision equipment and gear is our specialty. Our rifle, pistol, and 3-gun cases are secure, padlock ready, watertight and dust-proof. The Loadmaster® Footlocker is ideal for secure housing and transporting all outdoor and tactical gear.

Ruggedized reusable transit containers with modular stackability.

Loadmaster® Weapons Cases securely transport essential weapons and accessories.

Holds one M4, a broken down shotgun or a short barrel rifle + magazines.

Pack three rifles up to 47" in length. This durable rotationally molded case features cushion support designed to securely transport your rifles.

Battlefield tested, ruggedized Loadmaster® case with a cushion system designed to securely transport rifles.

Loadmaster® Footlocker Cases come in six sizes with two removable storage trays for the organization of your gear.

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