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ECS has been providing solutions to our United States Military for 64 years. We meet stringent military specifications so our cases provide unequaled protection for the soldier and their goods. In the foxhole, or in the barracks, our cases are battle tested to meet the harshest demands to help keep supplies and personal affects both safe and free from toxins. The number one choice of the American Warfighter since 1954.


Protection from lab to launch site.

Our cases protect aerospace and aviation equipment used by NASA, U.S. Airmen and commercial pilots around the world to safeguard a diverse array of products including:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles | Jet engines | Test equipment | Weapons Propellers | Engine parts


The best choice for emergency response.

ECS offers a wide range of emergency response cases for medical, fire, police, and non-emergency medical solutions. ECS Medical Drawer Cases have been the preferred choice of responders for rugged durability, lightweight design, and ease of deployment.


The best gear for the gear.

ECS Offers a full line of transit and rackmount cases for technical equipment. Various Loadmaster® products offer features for all essential IT and computer equipment.


Solutions for military and civilian users.

Protecting your precision equipment and gear is our specialty. Our rifle, pistol, and 3-gun cases are secure, padlock ready, watertight and dust-proof. The Loadmaster® Footlocker is ideal for secure housing and transporting all outdoor and tactical gear.

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