Custom FRP Transit Cases

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Unlimited Size And Customization 

Custom FRP Transit Cases

FRP Fiberglass-reinforced thermoset composite materials allow total design flexibility for military and industrial transit cases. FRP custom cases are the most complex designs and the largest transit cases manufactured by ECS. Complete in-house design and manufacturing result in superior cases from start to finish.


FRP cases and containers are designed and manufactured by ECS using proprietary FRP compression molding technology. High impact, lightweight, FRP composite components are epoxy bonded to heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. This fabrication method allows ECS to create extremely large transportable enclosures for oversized equipment.


FRP composite cases are the most durable custom military transit cases and enclosures anywhere. Since 1960, FRP composite cases have repeatedly proven their superiority … from cases for portable test sets … to EMI shielded workstations … to one-of-a-kind containers for highly custom equipment. FRP custom cases allow endless design and performance possibilities.


ECS designs and fabricates a variety of foam cushion materials that are available for shock and vibration attenuation in reusable containers. These materials can be cut, formed and/or molded into an almost endless variety of configurations.

FRP Transit Cases