Carbon Fiber Transit Cases

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Advanced Transit Case Technology

Carbon Fiber Transit Cases

ECS Carbon Fiber Transit Cases have become the standard of excellence and performance for ultra lightweight transit cases and storage cases required for high-value payloads. We are able to supply extremely lightweight and nearly indestructible transit cases in virtually any size while offering a large selection of optional extruded aluminum closures and hardware.

Carbon Fiber Transit Cases are available in most of the same sizes as FRP Composite Standard Transit Cases and FRP Composite Custom Cases. Carbon fiber transit cases weigh approximately 10-15-percent less than FRP Composite transit cases of the same size.

Carbon Fiber Cases can be made with a variety of extruded aluminum closures and hardware. These design alternatives allow us to supply ultra lightweight, nearly indestructible versions of the same case sizes that have provided excellent service to warfighters for four decades.

The unique appearance of woven Carbon Fiber composite surfaces clearly identify these transit and rackmount cases as ECS originals. Additionally, our Carbon Fiber Cases are offered with advanced electromagnetic shielding. Innovation continues.



Heavy-duty, two-inch wheels provide easy transport for even the most difficult of loads.

Carbon Fiber Transit Cases

We take pride in our work here at ECS and strive to get the best quality product to our customers every day.