Carbon Fiber Rackmount 3000 Unlimited Rack

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A New Advancement in Rackmount Case Technology

Carbon Fiber Rackmount 3000 Series Unlimited Rack

ECS manufactures these lightweight cases by compression molding carbon fiber reinforcement materials with enhanced thermoset resins. Carbon Fiber Rackmount Cases are ultra lightweight and demonstrate exceptional structural rigidity.


Carbon Fiber rackmount cases are available in three styles. 2000 Series rackmount cases have rigidly mounted racks, without shock mounts. 4000 Series and 5000 Series rackmount case styles have shock mounts. 4000 Series compact rackmount cases have multi-axis shock/vibration mounts. 5000 Series full-size rackmount cases provide a balance of compact size and effective shock and vibration protection. 3000 Series is ideal for large payloads and have the largest range of sizes. The 6000 Series offers a shock system for highly fragile equipment.


Carbon Fiber Rackmount Cases can be compression molded by us in a variety of wall thicknesses to meet unique performance/weight requirements for military equipment. Additional layers of carbon fiber and/or optional ballistic reinforcement materials can provide enhanced performance characteristics for challenging applications.


Carbon fiber cases can be made with a variety of extruded aluminum closures and hardware. These design alternatives allow us to supply extremely lightweight, nearly indestructible versions of the same case sizes that have provided excellent service to warfighters for four decades.



Heavy-duty, two-inch wheels provide easy transport for even the most difficult of loads.


Storage drawers are an ideal addition and are useful for storing items such as catalogs, tools, test equipment, etc. Drawer contents are protected by a hinged security lid. Drawers fit standard 19-inch rackmount enclosures. They include full extension slides and all mounting hardware. Sizes range from 3.50-inch (2U) through 10.50-inch (6U) in height and 14.00, 18.00 and 24.00 inches in depth. Colors are black and clear anodize. Custom sizes are available as an option.


Zippered storage pouches are mounted inside rackmount case lids. Pouches are typically used for storing cables, keyboards, removable casters, manuals and other loose items. They are durably sewn, using black nylon fabric. Pouches are available to fit a range of rack heights, including small (3-5U), medium (6-8U) and large (9-20U). Pouches are attached using snaps, which allow for easy removal and reinstallation, or they may be permanently installed by ECS using rivets.


If rackmounted equipment isn’t slide mountable, L-bars are the right choice for installation into ECS rackmount frames. Vertically adjustable, extruded aluminum L-bars will support equipment along the entire front-to-back depth of the equipment, to eliminate damage from cantilevered loads. L-bars are available in seven standard lengths, one length for each ECS rackmount case depth. They are shipped in pairs (2 each) and include fully adjustable Unistrut mounting hardware.

Carbon Fiber Cases