Carbon Fiber ATA Case

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Lightweight Mobility

Carbon Fiber ATA Transit Case

With the drive toward small – form – factor, modular equipment coupled with the need for rugged protection during transportation, operation, and storage, ECS has developed the Fusion Third Rack. As equipment platforms are becoming smaller and lighter weight, ECS continues to set the standard. Our Fusion Third Rack offers the same rugged support as our 19” Rackmount inner frames, which ECS invented in 1969, and Half Rack inner frames. Yet, it is flexible in accommodating modular systems in just about any configuration or requirement. The new Fusion Third Rack is platform independent – whether it is mounted and protected in our Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases, Carbon Fiber toteable ATA cases, or supported in our Loadmaster® Rotomold Cases.

SIZE: 16.69 L x 10.03 W x 7.0 H WEIGHT: 4.36 lbs

ATA Carbon Fiber Transit Cases