ECS Armor


ECS Composites Stand Alone armor plates are a true modern solution for personal ballistic protection. These plates are comprised of ceramic and composite materials that effectively break up small arms projectiles and help dissipate kinetic energy. Available as NIJ Level III+ and IV threat ratings, each plate is multi shot rated against selected threats.

ECS armor plates are SAPI cut and multi curve shaped to better fit the profile of a warrior’s torso. They are wrapped in a water repellant polyurethane coated 1000 Denier Cordura fabric for increased longevity in any environment. The composite construction make ECS armor plates significantly lighter than armor grade steel plates, without compromising on ballistic threat protection.



Using premium material our LVL III+ Plates are light weight they only weigh 4.23lbs each and made from high quality. Our goal is to provide the professional soldier, law enforcement agent, and you the consumer with the best combat proven gear in the world. Our LVL III+ can take anything from the standard pistol ammo and rifle calibers like 5.56 x 45mm all the way to 7.62 x 51mm.

If your job requires you to be in the water, we got you covered. Even with how much the plates weigh they will not weigh you down in the water because they are buoyant.

Lets be honest, no one like to get shot, so be prepared with our LVL III+ plates

We take pride in our work here at ECS and strive to get the best quality product to our customers every day.