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ECS invented the 19" portable rackmount case in 1969 and has provided the leading rackmount solutions ever since. Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases are the toughest, lightest, most protective, portable military electronic enclosures anywhere. They are extremely durable in any environment. The slide-out rack can be unlatched and removed from the outer case when the rack is empty or when it is filled with electronic equipment. Slide-out 19-inch racks allow unlimited access to electronic equipment during installation, integration, and maintenance. ECS Rackmount Cases provide maximum sway space inside the smallest, lightest, toughest rackmount enclosures available anywhere. Enhanced sway space for the rack allows shock mounts to provide maximum shock and vibration protection for the equipment. Rackmount cases provide maximum attenuation of impact energy and unequaled shock and vibration protection for enclosed equipment.




ECS specializes in custom packaging solutions for demanding and unique case requirements. No matter how complex the challenge, our engineering team will evaluate your specific transit needs and develop a top-notch case solution tailored to your exact specifications. FRP, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester containers, allow total design flexibility for military and industrial transit cases and reusable containers. FRP composite cases are the most durable custom military transit cases and enclosures anywhere. FRP Cases are designed and manufactured in extreme sizes and case configurations, removable lid designs, and hinged clam-shell designs. FRP containers are manufactured using proprietary FRP compression molding technology. High impact, light weight, FRP composite components are epoxy bonded to heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. Watertight FRP composite cases provide protection from moisture, salt spray, sand and dust throughout the world’s climate extremes. Impervious to fuels, oils and solvents, they can also be decontaminated if exposed to chemical warfare agents. Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is the latest innovation from ECS. VIP products are very large and uniquely crafted closure systems designed to provide the ultimate protection supporting over-sized equipment for storage and shipping. Our VIP containers are custom engineered vacuum assisted resin transfer molded composites designed with unparalleled attention to detail.

ECS designs and manufactures transit cases for storage and transportation. Most transit cases will have foam cushions for equipment protection. Other forms of shock isolation such as platforms or inner frames may also be used. Transit cases are designed to provide shock, vibration and moisture protection to housed equipment. Our patented Loadmaster® Rotomold containers are completely modular in all dimensions. The first of their kind, these patented cases offer superior performance and the world’s most advanced modular stackability. All Loadmaster® Cases have modular dimensions and unique stacking features molded into the top and bottom surfaces allowing these cases to securely interlock when stacked. Molded-in inserts eliminate leak paths, keeping your equipment protected from the outside elements. This feature also helps prevent corrosion, as well as the collection of hazardous materials.


Custom Cushion


ECS designs and fabricates a variety of foam cushion materials that are available for shock and vibration attenuation in reusable containers. These materials can be cut, formed and/or molded into an almost endless variety of configurations. Most of our foam cushioning materials are manufactured from polyethylene, polyurethane, or polystyrene substrates. Most of our foam cushioning materials are widely used for commercial containers and continue to be specified for use in military transit cases. We design our cushions in-house and use state of the art machinery to cut the foam to conform to the equipment inside the container.


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ECS offers a full line of factory direct transit products as well as the most advanced custom packaging solutions available today. Commercial-off-the-shelf products include rackmount enclosures, medical cases, weapons solutions, shipping, storage, drawer, and footlocker cases available on demand. Military rackmount cases were invented by ECS in 1969, and we continued to set the bar for rackmount usability, compact design, and high performance.

Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases now stack with every previous rackmount model and all Loadmaster® Transit Cases. Loadmaster® rotationally molded transit cases are completely modular in all dimensions. Cases of different sizes securely stack and interlock together for maximum stacking efficiency. Loadmaster® cases are ideal for use on 463L military pallets.

We manufacture all of our tooling, molds, and cushions for all the cases we build. Our company is a third generation family-owned business and our products are proudly made in America.

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Rackmount cases are manufactured from ECS' incredibly strong TSC composite material. Using compression molding presses up to 1,200-tons in capacity, ECS manufactures these cases of the same composite materials used for car bumpers and military truck components. TSC case shells provide extraordinary impact resistance and rugged durability at temperatures which exceed a range of -53º C to +85º C.